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About Smart Bar

Smart Bar is a lifestyle statement.
With its wide choice of pre-programmed menu and unlimited options to add new customized drinks,
you are never going to be short of the high moments any day you choose to engage Smart Bar.
And yes, No party is complete without the Smart Bar.

  • Weighs approx. 45 kg

  • Made sturdy to withstand the regular transportation required

  • Made out of the finest teak wood timber

  • It gives not only beauty but also durability.

* Actual dimensions may vary due to product enhancement.

14 Bottles
Smart Bar has space for 14 bottles and pumps so that you can make complex drinks with upto 14 ingredients. These pumps are accurate and give the desired drink which can also be saved for future consumption.

Wireless Control
You can control your smartbar with a wireless android tablet that comes with the machine or from any other android device if you wish.

Customizable Drink Recipes

Smart Bar allows you to use any combination of 14 ingredients installed in the machine and make a custom drink every time or you can also dispense from any of the saved drinks for even faster dispensing.

Power Friendly and Precise Pumps

Smart Bar is equipped with custom made automated peristaltic special purpose pumps. These pumps are intelligent and consume very little power.

Premium and Elegant Design

Designed and assembled to suit the aesthetics and ambiance of party. Made out of the finest handpicked teak-wood ply.

Smart Bar Features

Smart Bar is a new, convenient, party utility machine which can interact directly with the user and give him the drink of his Choice.

200 Pre-programmed Cocktails to choose from

150 Pre-programmed Mocktails to choose from

Unlimited customized recipes to build on

Adjustable dispensing point – to accommodate bigger glass sizes

Accurate dispensing of measure for the ultimate taste & perfection

Pre-programmed special cocktails without Cross Mixing

Multiple dispensing of same drink at a single click

Drink serving time from 5 seconds to 25 seconds based on recipe

Automated Cleaning Process at a single click

Advantages of Smart Bar for - Banquet Halls, Restaurants and Hotels

  • Earn more from guests
  • Earn extra through Smart Bar Parties
  • Save cost by avoiding wastage and spillage of drinks
  • Transparency in dispensing as open from the front side
  • Consumes a very nominal amount of electricity
  • Can easily calculate the cost of the drink through the application
To install Smart Bar at your Banquet Halls, Restaurants and Hotels, write to us at: sales@adelantos.in
Automated Cleaning

Cleaning Smart Bar is just a click away. All you need is water bottles in slots and run a single program. And your Smart Bar is ready for next party.


One of the most simple machines to use and maintain. It requires less time, money and effort to maintain it.


Smart Bar comes with a promise of Zero maintenance. One year on-site warranty is provided on all components. After an year, you can get the same coverage by opting for company AMC.

Download Smart Bar App

Smart Bar can be operated using the Tablet that houses the unique preloaded Smart Bar App. You can download the Smart Bar App in any android tablet and can operate your Smart Bar using that Tablet.

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About the Company

Adelantos is a technology start up, and is the spirit behind the spirited. We, at Adelantos, believe in perfection.
It's this quest that has helped us in building the most sophisticated automated smart bar the country has ever seen.

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