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About Smart Bar Mini

Smart Bar Mini is a smaller version of Smart Bar with a capacity to load 8 bottles.
It has been designed for personal use and house gatherings so that you can make drinks for your guests instantly without any hassle and difference in taste.

  • Smart Bar Mini sets yours class apart.

  • Completely handmade

  • Made out of finest teakwood ply

  • Weighs approx. 25 kg

* Actual dimensions may vary due to product enhancement.

8 Bottles Capacity

Smart Bar Mini has a capacity to fit 8 bottles at a time. So you can install all your favourite drinks and dispense whenever you feel like.

Wireless Control
Smart Bar Mini, just like it's bigger version, is controlled wirelessly through an android app so that you can make drinks through your phone easily.

Customizable drinks
Smart Bar Mini has enough space to fit your juices, soft drinks and hard drinks to make a tasty combination of all controlled through the app.

Power Friendly and Precise Pumps

Smart Bar is equipped with custom made automated peristaltic special purpose pumps. These pumps are intelligent and consume very little power.

Exotic and Elegant Design

The creation of smart bar mini is Exclusive, Elegant & Exotic. Crafted and designed only for your home, it is a combination of engineering & perfection of artistic design.

Smart Bar Mini Features

Smart Bar mini is small yet powerful to get your party started.

200 Pre-programmed Cocktails to choose from

150 Pre-programmed Mocktails to choose from

Unlimited customized recipes to build on

Accurate dispensing of measure for the ultimate taste & perfection

Drink serving time from 5 seconds to 25 seconds based on recipe

Automated Cleaning Process at a single click

Additional Perks of Purchasing a Smart Bar Mini


Smart Bar Mini exclusively comes with:

  • 6 personalised glasses (2 Tall glasses, 2 Wine glasses, 2 Scotch glasses) engraved with your name/logo
  • Personalised wooden tray
  • Personalised ice bucket
  • Personalised storage box
  • 24 no. of stirrers

Every item will be engraved and personalised according to your desire.

To install Smart Bar at your Banquet Halls, Restaurants and Hotels, write to us at:
Automated Cleaning

Cleaning Smart Bar is just a click away. All you need is water bottles in slots and run a single program. And your Smart Bar is ready for next party.


One of the most simple machines to use and maintain. It requires less time, money and effort to maintain it.


Smart Bar comes with a promise of Zero maintenance. One year on-site warranty is provided on all components. After an year, you can get the same coverage by opting for company AMC.

Download Smart Bar Mini App

You can download the Smart Bar Mini App in any android phone and can operate your Smart Bar Mini using that Phone.

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About the Company

Adelantos is a technology start up, and is the spirit behind the spirited. We, at Adelantos, believe in perfection.
It's this quest that has helped us in building the most sophisticated automated smart bar the country has ever seen.

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